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100% Officer giving

Pasadena Lodge No. 272 has an impressive legacy of philanthropy in its community, donating thousands of dollars to public schools annually, and running an award program for grade school students who demonstrate good character and scholastic efforts. But until a few years ago, the lodge had never particularly focused on the fraternity’s Annual Fund.

That changed in 2014 when John McDannel was installed as junior warden, attended the Master & Wardens Retreat, and learned about the 100 percent officer giving challenge. McDannel, now master, explains.

The initiative

When I returned from the Master & Wardens Retreat, I said to myself: “During the next three years while I’m sitting in these chairs, I’m going to try to stimulate some support for California Masonic charities.” I talked to my fellow officers and suggested that we aim for unanimous giving. I said that the fraternity had done good things through the Annual Fund over the years, and that our support could set an example for our whole lodge.

The motivation

I grew up near the Masonic Home at Covina and visited the campus several times as a teenager. Even then, I was impressed with the fraternity’s support of children; it was largely what motivated me to become a Mason years later. In 2010, I volunteered to assist veterans on the Operation Greatest Gift trips to the WWII Memorial, a profoundly moving experience. I shared with my lodge officers what those causes meant to me, and encouraged them to think of the fraternity’s causes that were important to them, too.

The guys all rose to the challenge, and gave what they could. We achieved 100 percent officer giving for the first time.

It was a great honor to be recognized in front of the entire fraternity at Annual Communication. After experiencing that honor once, we were even more motivated to make it a tradition.

We have now achieved 100 percent officer giving three years in a row, and it’s our goal to continue to maintain a perfect record for years to come.

The takeaways

Through 100 percent officer giving, every one of our officers is demonstrating that charity is a priority to the leaders of our lodge. We are setting an example for our lodge members, our families, our children, and our fraternity.

There are implicit rewards in charitable giving, especially in a shared effort like the Annual Fund. You feel the richness of your involvement in an organization that does good. There is pride in what you are accomplishing, and pride in the fact that you are accomplishing it together.

Contact: John McDannel

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Introducing the 2020 Fraternity Plan

The 2020 Fraternity Plan is our blueprint for the next five years, created with the input of 7,000 California Masons. By focusing on four priority areas, we’ll build a stronger and more vibrant fraternity, poised to thrive for years to come.

Here’s an introduction to the plan, and materials to help your lodge hone in on the priorities.

Four main priorities

  • Rewarding member experience
  • Memorable and meaningful degrees
  • Strong lodges and halls
  • Positive impact on society

What it means for your lodge

  • For a list of tactics that you can implement at your lodge, download the 2020 Fraternity Plan brochure
  • For links to additional online resources, including a worksheet to create a strategic plan for your lodge, visit

Create a corresponding lodge plan

Look for more information on how to align your lodge with the 2020 Fraternity Plan in upcoming issues of The Leader.

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Your December checklist

Stay on track of lodge business and prepare for important deadlines. Here’s your December checklist:

Executive Committee

  • Hold installation of officers, or continue preparing for installation
  • Meet with the inspector to review plan for the year
  • Register for the 2017 Secretary & Treasurer Retreat – including NEW boot camps and lower prices!
  • Register for the 2017 Master & Wardens Retreat – spouses/partners welcome! Save $50 through December 31!

Senior Warden/ Incoming Master, along with Executive Committee

  • Present 2017 calendar and program plan to the lodge, or finalize it for presenting in January
  • Prepare 2017 budget to present to the lodge in January, referring to the grand treasurer’s memo for help (Note: retreat numbers are based on current year)
  • Ensure that all committee assignments have been determined. After your installation as master, confirm Audit, Charity, and Membership Retention Committee appointments
  • Review all candidates’ progress towards advancement


  • Continue sending out dues notices and collecting member dues
  • Begin preparing secretary’s annual report to present to the lodge in February


  • Begin preparing treasurer’s annual report to present to the lodge in February

Questions? Contact Member Services at or (415) 776-7000.

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For your Trestleboard

Through the Lodge Outreach Program, lodges ramp up outreach efforts with the help of trainings, resources, and support from Masonic Outreach Services. Hundreds of fraternal families have benefited. Read this inspiring account from Greenleaf Gardens Lodge No. 670, then encourage your lodge to get involved, too.

This month:
Partners in Outreach: Greenleaf Gardens Lodge

Happy Holidays from the Grand Master

Share with lodge leaders in Trestleboard.

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Find it on

If you’ve been thinking of supporting California Masonic charities, this may be the ideal time of year. Gifts made before December 31 are deductible on your 2016 taxes.

Consider making a legacy gift to make a lasting impact on our fraternity. In addition to supporting crucial programs, your legacy gift may help you achieve your personal, financial, and estate planning goals.

The Masons of California website offers in-depth information about a variety of ways to make a legacy gift as well as other types of giving. Learn more at or by contacting Director of Development Candler Gibson at or (415) 292-9181.

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Question of the month

Last month we asked how your lodge educates and gets to know prospects. Of those who responded:

83% - Encourage prospects to attend lodge dinners and family activities
74% - Invite them to the lodge for a tour
71% - Invite their families to lodge dinners and family activities
48% - Designate a lodge member to answer their questions
45% - Direct them to lodge social media

Other popular approaches include providing printed information about Masonry (41 percent), providing online resources such as (36 percent), and connecting prospects with other prospects or Masons of a similar age (21 percent).

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