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Leading our lodges in 2009

Use "Engage and Retain" to build member interest and involvement

Committee name change reflects a new mission

Get involved, make a difference

Date change for 2009 California Masonic Symposium

Scholarship application deadline approaches




Leading our lodges in 2009

Congratulations on your recent or upcoming installation for 2009, and welcome to those who are stepping into officer roles for the first time. If you are new to the line, this will be your first issue of The Leader, a monthly e-newsletter for California lodge officers.

The Leader delivers useful and timely information directly applicable to your role as a Masonic leader. Each issue will create a platform for you to share your lodges’ successes and solutions through best practices and questions of the month. Other articles, filled with how-to information, resources, and reminders, will keep you informed and involved.

Please send us feedback and take advantage of our question of the month to share your experience with other California officers. The Leader is your publication, and your participation will develop it into a stronger and more relevant voice for California lodge leaders.

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Use “Engage and Retain” to build member interest and involvement

“Engage and Retain: Guide to Member Retention” is a valuable how-to resource for involving all members of your lodge. Broken into useful categories of membership demographics and organized with plenty of bullet points and specific examples, this resource touches upon all aspects of member involvement – whether it’s taking time to survey older members’ satisfaction or rotating committee seats to ensure that new members have a shot at leadership.

Here’s a look at just some of the useful contents:


First impressions
Set the stage for an active lodge within the first steps of new membership, prospective candidate to recent initiates.

  • Prospective and new candidates
    This section contains advice about distributing informational materials and personalizing communication to candidates.
  • The Entered Apprentice
    Follow these tips to assure that your lodge’s newest members feel welcomed and included.
  • New member orientation
    Execute a meaningful new member orientation for recent initiates, and refer to helpful hints on delivering an informative lodge overview and overview of Masonry.


Interest and involvement down the road
Inspire a vested interest in lodge from all member categories.

  • New members
    Sample tip: Establish regular candidate coaching nights
  • Experienced members
    Sample tip: Rotate committee assignments
  • Older members and widows
    Sample tip: Record older members’ memories of lodge and include in lodge history
  • Family-focused members
    Sample tip: Offer babysitting services at lodge events


Resource materials included

  • Overview Of Masonry In California
  • Worksheet: Lodge info sheet
  • Worksheet: Skills And Interest survey
“Engage and Retain: Guide to Member Retention” may be ordered from the Grand Lodge Supply Room by contacting 415/292-9131 or e-mailing

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Member retention: A new mission for the Delinquent Dues Committee

The vote at the 159th Annual Communication to change the name of the lodge Delinquent Dues Committee to the Member Retention Committee reflects a renewed commitment to assuring that brothers do not slip through the cracks as their life circumstances change. The new name reinforces the committee's responsibility to reach out to delinquent members and determine if fraternal support is needed. The goal is member retention.

A new initiative by Grand Lodge

To support the work of Member Retention Committees, Grand Lodge will initiate a membership restoration project this coming spring. All members suspended within the past two years will receive a letter from Grand Lodge explaining the process to restore membership at their former lodges. Automatic restoration can be achieved with payment of back dues and a written request to lodge. The intent is to reach out once more to suspended members, welcome those brothers who are deserving and desirous back into the fraternity, and work towards determining what circumstances led to their initial suspension.

How it affects you

Grand Lodge will begin mailing letters to suspended members in March. Your lodge should be prepared to receive questions and written requests from members considering rejoining our fraternity.


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Get involved, make a difference


The Grand Lodge of California relies on members to provide volunteer leadership for the important work done by its 21 committees and six boards. Joining a board or committee is also a great opportunity to enhance your leadership capabilities and build relationships with other lodge leaders.

For information about each of the committees and boards, including purpose statements and lists of members, log in at the Member Center on, go to ROSTER, then click on Boards and Committees.

If you are a warden, master, or past master who is interested in being considered for an appointment, please send an e-mail to


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Save the date 2009


Secretaries' Retreats
February 20-22, Irvine
March 20-22, San Ramon


Wardens' Retreats

Junior Wardens
April 3-5, San Ramon
April 24-26, Ontario

Senior Wardens
May 15-17, San Ramon
May 29-31, Ontario


Lodge Management Certification Program
June 6, Pasadena Area
June 13, San Diego Area
June 20, Visalia/Fresno Area
June 27, Sacramento Area
July 11, San Francisco Area
July 18, Chico Area


*New Date*

Ninth Annual California Masonic Symposium
August 21-22 May 1-2, UCLA, Los Angeles


160th Annual Communication
October 2-4, San Francisco

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Scholarship application deadline approaches

Each year the California Masonic Foundation awards more than $1 million in four-year college scholarships to high school students throughout the state.

Remind lodge members that the scholarship application period closes next month. Now is the time for them to urge high school students in their families, neighborhoods, and youth orders to submit the online application, found in the Scholarship Center at Applications must be fully completed and submitted online by February 15.

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