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The Masons Who Built California

Freemasons’ role in the creation of the United States Constitution is a familiar one, but fewer people are aware of the role that Masons played in the creation of the first California Constitution in 1849. During this year’s California Masonic Symposium – taking place June 9 in San Francisco and June 10 in Long Beach – Past Grand Master John L. Cooper III, a noted Masonic scholar, will explore three Freemasons’ influence in shaping California’s government.

The principles of Freemasonry, including a foundational respect for the rights of others, were well represented at the convention by these devoted brothers:

  • Myron Norton of California Lodge No. 1 in San Francisco
  • Lansford Warren Hastings of Tehama Lodge No. 3 in Sacramento
  • Robert Semple of Benicia Lodge No. 5 – president of the California Constitutional Convention

Among their accomplishments were helping ensure that the constitution protected freedom of religion and that it provided legal representation for economically disadvantaged citizens. Their efforts laid the groundwork for the free and open society that Californians still enjoy.

Join us to explore this pivotal time in our state’s formation! Symposium registration is just $20 per person. Add a delicious catered lunch for just $15 more.

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