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Pulling Masonry from the Shadows

Scholars of global Masonic history can point to countless examples around the world of Masons stepping in to play a leadership role in championing democracy, public schools, and other imperative social causes. Yet this was not always so: In fact, in the 18th century, Masonic lodges were torn between the desire to act outwardly, positively impacting society, and the equally strong conservative desire to focus their efforts solely on benefitting the brothers within their lodges. At this year’s UCLA conference, Pierre-Yves Beaurepaire will explore this pivotal time in Masonic history and its reverberations in the present day.

Beaurepaire is full professor of early modern history at the University of Nice and honorary fellow of the University Institute of France. He previously taught history of the Enlightenment at Brussels Free University and Tokyo University. He has written extensively on Enlightenment culture, and is currently working on a book that will be coauthored by Kenneth Loiselle titled, “Experiencing Freemasonry in the Enlightenment.”

Beaurepaire will be joined by esteemed Masonic scholars throughout the world, including:

Conference registration is $30. Add a delicious Southern-style buffet lunch for just $20!

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