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From California to Havana

Photo Caption: Alex Duplinsky, past master of Downey United Lodge No. 220 presents the 300th anniversary commemorative issue of California Freemason to Lazaro Faustino Cuesta Valdes, grand master of Masons in Cuba, on Oct. 19, 2017. Photo credit: Reynol Cobreiro and Fred Wolf.

In 2015, at the XIV World Conference of Regular Masonic Grand Lodges in San Francisco, members of Downey United Lodge No. 220 struck up a friendship with the grand master of Cuba. The relationship blossomed, and later that year, Downey United became the first blue lodge in California to visit the Grand Lodge of Cuba.

Downey United Lodge brothers were deeply aware of how underresourced their brothers in Cuba were, and immediately looked for ways to give back. Their first gift was a computer and scanner to help Cuban Masons archive their Masonic documents.

Since then, their friendship has flourished and with each international visit, Downey Lodge brothers look for ways to give back. Recently this has included many charitable initiatives – gifts of nonprescription drugs to the Cuban Masonic Homes and an effort to start a Masons4Mitts campaign in Havana.

This past October, on behalf of Downey United Lodge, Past Master Alex Duplinsky presented Lazaro Faustino Cuesta Valdes, grand master of Masons in Cuba, with a gift: The “300th anniversary edition of California Freemason magazine”, which included an article on the lodges’ friendship. The commemorative issue was a token of the lodges’ shared affection – and a reminder that Freemasonry’s past, present, and future are linked worldwide.

Read more about Downey United Lodge’s relationship with the Grand Lodge of Cuba in California Freemason magazine.

Buy a copy of the California Freemason 300 anniversary commemorative issue. It’s the perfect addition to your library, a keepsake for your lodge, or a gesture of affection for your favorite Masonic mentor.

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