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Best Wishes for a Joyous Thanksgiving!

Dear Brothers,

Tomorrow, we will celebrate Thanksgiving – a holiday that calls upon each of us to reflect upon the many blessings in our lives. This year, like those before it, the blessing that brings me the greatest joy is family: The family that I was born into, the family Gay and I have created together, and the family of like-minded souls that we have chosen to surround ourselves with as we move through the years to come – including our brothers and friends in the family of Freemasonry.

This year has brought many challenges that try our faith and resolve, most recently, the catastrophic Northern California wildfires. But it has also been a year of happiness and growth; connections and love. Of becoming better people. Of making a difference. This Thanksgiving, we encourage you to reflect upon your own life and the lives of those around you. There is much to be grateful for. And, there is still much opportunity to give of ourselves in order to fully appreciate the bounty of our lives.

From our family to yours: Best wishes for a joyous Thanksgiving holiday!

Bruce and Gay Galloway
Grand Master and First Lady

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