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Lodge Support Committee

Welcome to our home page!

We've created some helpful documents to ensure that your candidates have a successful Masonic experience. Please click the links below to download each document.

Candidate Biography
Candidate Program
Dinner Service Accounting
Entrance Interview
Event Action Report
Event Debriefing
Mailing List Information
Ritually Qualified members for Degrees Template
2018 St John Feast Day Ritual

In addition to these documents, we designed a number of helpful surveys that your lodge can use to gather valuable information from your members. You can download all of the surveys here.

Coaching Survey
Education Survey
Lodge Engagement Survey
Lodge Evaluation Survey
Lodge Outreach Survey
Lodge Sojourners Survey
Lodge Survey on Vision
LSC Summary Report Template
Membership Survey
Philanthropy & Service Survey
Survey on Dues

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Grand Lodge of California
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p: (415) 776-7000