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Announcing 2016 Masons of California Award Winners and Special Recognitions

Each day, Masons throughout California are making great strides towards advancing Freemasonry in our state – from engaging their members with cutting-edge communications to perfecting the ritual and dedicating themselves to outreach. During Annual Communication at “Rise and Celebrate: An Evening of Awards and Entertainment,” we’ll recognize those lodges who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment and success in these areas and more throughout the fraternal year. Please join us in congratulating these brothers for their admirable efforts. And, purchase your ticket to celebrate with them during Annual Communication.

Mason of the Year Award and Builder’s Award: Bro. Thomas W. Moberly

Grand Master M. David Perry is pleased to honor Bro. Thomas W. Moberly with two meaningful distinctions: The Mason of the Year Award and the Builder’s Award. Instituted in 1978, the Mason of the Year Award has only been awarded 10 times in its history. Although there are many distinguished brethren in our jurisdiction, this award honors brother Moberly for his heartfelt service to our craft and devotion to his fellow man. Bro. Moberly has been an exceptional example of what it means to be a Mason, a leader, a mentor, and a man. It is also because of these efforts that Bro. Moberly will be honored with a special new distinction envisioned by Grand Master Perry: The Builder’s Award. Like the Mason of the Year Award, the Builder’s Award is awarded to a Mason who has made an extraordinary difference – who has risen to the occasion to build a deep impact on the future of our great fraternity. Nowhere is this initiative demonstrated more clearly than through Bro. Moberly’s devotion to supporting the next generation of our Masonic family. He has truly inspired our youth to rise to help build our great fraternity for years to come.

2016 Joe Jackson Award: San Dimas Lodge No. 428

The Joe Jackson Award recognizes a lodge that demonstrates excellence in outreach to their members and widows. It is awarded annually in recognition of Bro. Joe Jackson, a 60-year Mason and Hiram Award recipient who is celebrated for his exemplification of Masonic relief and brotherly love.

2016 Lodge Communications Awards

The Lodge Communications Awards recognize lodges that are doing an extraordinary job of connecting with their members and the general public through various traditional and innovative communication tools in five categories. Winners are as follows:

Best Use of Lodge App:

  • Santa Monica-Palisades Lodge No. 307
  • Special Recognition for Innovation in Communications: Phoenix Lodge No. 144
Best Communications Campaign:
  • California Lodge No. 1
  • Honorable Mention: Ionic Composite Lodge No. 520
Best Social Media:
  • Solomon’s Staircase Lodge No. 357
  • Honorable Mention: Northern California Research Lodge
Best Trestleboard:
  • Montebello-Whittier Lodge No. 323
  • Honorable Mention: Oak Summit Lodge No. 112
  • Honorable Mention: South Pasadena Lodge No. 290
  • Honorable Mention: Solomon’s Staircase Lodge No. 357
Best Website:
  • Chico-Leland Stanford Lodge No. 111
  • Honorable Mention: Peninsula Lodge No. 168
  • Honorable Mention: Palm Springs Lodge No. 693

2016 Ritual Competition Awards
The 2016 Ritual Competition Awards recognize individuals and lodges who have demonstrated extraordinary performance of the Masonic ritual. This year’s competition focused on the Second Section of the Third Degree for teams and on the Second Section of the Fellow Craft Degree for individuals.

Individual Winners
  • Division 1 - Gilberto Corpuz, Francis Drake Lodge No. 376
  • Division 2 - Richard J. Jolley, Orland Laurel Lodge No. 245
  • Division 3 - Jesse Dela Cruz, San Leandro Lodge No. 113
  • Division 4 - Chester Fristoe, Union-Kit Carson Lodge No. 58
  • Division 5 - Frank Luenser, Central Coast Lodge No. 237
  • Division 6 - Thomas Farr, Hornitos Lodge No. 98
  • Division 7 - Edwin L. Senga, Atwater-Larchmont-Tila Pass Lodge No. 614
  • Division 8 - Bernard Shannon, Coachella Lodge No. 476
  • Division 9 - William Austin Swank, San Diego Lodge No. 35
  • Division 10 - Louis McKay, Long Beach Lodge 327
Team Winners
  • Division 1 - Francis Drake Lodge No. 376
  • Division 2 - Masonic District No. 222
  • Division 3 - Golden Rule Lodge No. 479
  • Division 4 - General Douglas MacArthur Lodge No. 853
  • Division 5 - Hesperian Lodge No. 264
  • Division 6 - Green Dragon Masonic Fellowship Lodge, U.D.
  • Division 7 - Atwater-Larchmont-Tila Pass Lodge No. 614
  • Division 8 - Temecula-Catalina Island Lodge No. 524
  • Division 9 - San Diego Lodge No. 35
  • Division 10 - Sunnyside Lodge No. 577

Special Recognition: 100% Officer Giving to the Annual Fund
At each of the following lodges, every single lodge officer has led by example, demonstrating their commitment to Masonic relief by making a personal gift to the Annual Fund.

NOTE: There’s still time for your lodge to be recognized. Make a gift today!

Acalanes Fellowship No. 480
Amity No. 442
Black Mountain No. 845
Calaveras No. 78
Carpinteria No. 444
Columbia-Brotherhood No. 370
Conejo Valley No. 807
Destiny No. 856
Drytown No. 174
East San Diego No. 561
Fallbrook No. 317
Fillmore-Santa Paula No. 291
Green Dragon Masonic Fellowship (UD)
Hanford No. 279
Ionic Composite No. 520
Kern River Valley No. 827
La Mesa No. 407

Las Palmas-Ponderosa No. 366
Liberty No. 299
Los Angeles Harbor No. 332
Mosaic No. 218
Mount Jackson No. 295
Naval No. 87
Newport Mesa No. 604
Nor Cal Research No. 1003
Oak Summit No. 112
Olive Branch No. 269
Pasadena No. 272
Pittsburg No. 429
Prometheus No. 851
S.W. Hackett No. 574
San Diego No. 35
Veritas No. 855
Washington No. 20
Welcome No. 255

Special Recognition: Creation and Leadership of LxWeek 2016: John M. Hinck and James E. Banta

This summer, California DeMolay hosted a new annual event, LxWeek 2016, which was designed to improve and expand upon the real-life and practical leadership skills of the young men and women of our youth orders. LxWeek was led by adult leaders who are experts in the fields of leadership, education, civility, membership attraction and retention, dance, art, music and youth order development. All of this was coordinated and hosted by James E. Banta, former assistant grand secretary and executive director of Northern California DeMolay and by John M. Hinck, grand chaplain.

Special Recognition: Completion of All Lodge Management Certification Program Courses in 2016
The following brothers are congratulated for completing all four courses of the Lodge Management Certification Program – Hall Association Management, Lodge Finance, Membership Experience, and Lodge Administration – including successful scores on each final exam.

Douglas Alcorn
David J. Allard
Terry Allison
Louie Andres
Kenneth M. Bennett
David Branch
Harry G. Burt
Rollie Caabay
Celso Cardano
Frank Castillo
Carlo Chaves
Eric C. Chilson
Colin Cooper
Matthew G. Crabtree
Bar De Leon
John G. Dickman
Alfred Donad
Robert B. Eckstein
Eric O. Fisher
Marcelino Gabriana
Gilbert Garza
Scott Gilbert
Gene Giordano
Steve Harris
Reynaldo Harrold
Victorino Hidalgo
Kenneth Hoerricks
Ryan Hyland

E. Paul Kappers
Rene Karteron
David Kelley
Thomas Knoblauch
Gary Kuhm
Stephen Kyle
Christopher Lebedeff
Nicholas Lebedeff
Michael Lloyd
John R. Mallillin
Francisco Marques
Scott Mattson
Timothy May
Louis McKay
David McKinney
George McQuary
Arsen Melkumyan
Alan Miller
Luis Montero
Marc Newman
Peter Newman
Mark Nielsen
Damien Noorbakhsh
Hasan Otuome
John Edmund Parcher
Michael Ramoneda
Michael Reed
Steve Resnick
Michael Roberts

Herair Rostamian
Paul Russell
Stuart Ryan
Victor Sanchez
Joe Saucedo
David Savage
Michael Seiler
David Shira
John Sigismondi
Gary Silverman
David Simon
MichaelDavid Smith
Larry Smith
William Sowles
Jeff Strouse
Paul Sullivan
Brian Tatro
Guadalupe Thomas
John Thorpe
Edgardo Traverso
Benjamin Villanueva
Walter von Westphalen
Bill Warner
Glen West
Keith White
Dennis Williams
Dean Williams
Richard Wright
Arnel Zapata

Special Recognition: Masonic Youth Leadership Scholarship Awards
This new distinction, created by the California Masonic Foundation, recognizes the extraordinary talent and dedication of state and regional leaders of California’s four Masonic youth orders. All recipients have been accepted to or are currently enrolled full-time in a four-year college, are in good academic standing, and have served as a state, jurisdictional, divisional, or league leader in a California Masonic youth order.

Opal Amermen
Molly Anderson
Curtis Chan
Nicholas Chan
Rebecca Clossick
Allison Crowley
Jacob Eres
Javier Eres
Julie Fallon

John Finnefrock
Jillian Furiga
Emma Griffie
Gabrielle Hadley
Kristen Hicks
Julia Holman
Stephanie Lurie
Jesus Martinez

Madalyn Munoz
Eliseo Paniagua
Courtney Perry
Amanda Sprueill
Ryan Tondares
Kumary Vasquez

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