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Protect Loved Ones from Fires

Oct. 4-10 is National Fire Prevention Week. It’s a perfect opportunity to rally your lodge behind a fire safety program in your community. Consider one of the following ideas to recognize fire prevention in your lodge:

Work with Masonic youth to assemble and distribute ICE (In Case of Emergency) kits. Materials are available through Grand Master Charvonia’s Repair Shop.

Support the Grand Master’s Project, Firefighters in Safety Education. This important program brings active firefighters into California public schools to teach age-appropriate fire safety lessons, like “Stop Drop and Roll,” how to call 9-1-1, and how to escape from a fire in the home. Give today.

Help ensure your brothers are ready when disaster strikes by reviewing the Red Cross’ Emergency Preparedness Checklist. Use the checklist to help senior members and sweethearts prepare a disaster supplies kit.

Make sure that your lodge and home have working smoke alarms in each room.

And, get even more fire safety tips, from the National Fire Protection Association.

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