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Fourth International Conference at UCLA


Secret rituals. Powerful members. An all-seeing eye. Guarded doors. For conspiracy theorists, Freemasonry is an infamous Pandora’s box of intrigue. But how did theorists’ rumors start, and do they hold any weight?

On March 21, the Institute for Masonic Studies will join UCLA’s history department to present our Fourth International Conference: Secrets Revealed! Freemasonry and the Conspiracy Theories It Evokes.

Join an international panel of renowned Masonic scholars in exploring the minds of conspiracy theorists: Delve into the psychology behind conspiracy theories to learn how they are formed and why they endure. Find out how Anti-Masonic culture has affected Freemasonry throughout the ages and around the world. Learn how conspiracy theories continue to impact our fraternity today.


  • Michael Barkun, Syracuse University: “Freemasonry in the Context of Contemporary Conspiracy Theories”

  • Robert Gross, University of Connecticut: “Lodges and Lyceums, Freemasonry and Free Grace: The Contest for Intellectual and Religious Authority in Massachusetts during the 1820s and 1830s”

  • Margaret Jacob, UCLA: “The Origins of the Masonic Conspiracy in the Eighteenth Century”

  • Adam Kendall, Henry Wilson Coil Library and Museum of Freemasonry: "Myth and Conspiracy: The Strange Bedfellows of Masonic and Anti-Masonic Culture”

  • Maria Eugenia Vazquez-Semadeni, UCLA: “Freemasonry and Conspiracy Theories in the Hispanic World”

All Masons and members of the general public are encouraged to attend this lively investigation of the fraternity’s most fascinating critics.

Join us live

Secrets Revealed! will take place at the Faculty Center at the University of California, Los Angeles. General admission is $15; an optional catered lunch is $33.

Join us online

For the first time ever, the International Conference will also be available via a live webcast. View the registration page for more details.

















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