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The Foundation of an Arena

Video courtesy of the Sacramento Kings

It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and a proud moment for California Masons. Sacramento locals and hundreds of Masons and Prince Hall Masons from around the state joined leaders of the Sacramento Kings NBA basketball organization and local dignitaries to bless the Sacramento Kings Entertainment and Sports Center, which will stand in the heart of downtown Sacramento in 2016.

The event marked the first cornerstone ceremony of a major sports stadium in California, and the first time many members of the local community had witnessed a cornerstone ceremony. But the event was also historic for other important reasons: the construction site (where the bulldozers are currently displaying “Sacramento Proud” logos) stands on the grounds where the first Grand Lodge of California was organized in 1850. The event also marked the first time the Masons of California have partnered with the Prince Hall Masons of California for a cornerstone ceremony.

Grand Master Charvonia presided over the ceremony with Grand Warden of the Prince Hall Masons, Dr. Donald Ware. Members of the Masonic Youth Orders and the Knights of Pythagoras together inserted a time capsule carrying both Masonic and sports-related artifacts under the cornerstone. Sacramento Kings President Chris Granger described the tradition to the crowd by referencing George Washington and the rich history of the ceremony. A special proclamation by the California State Assembly also recognized the event. The event proved to be a wonderful public display of Masons partnering with the community to celebrate the creation of an arena that will certainly benefit Sacramento.

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