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Our 2020 Fraternity Plan is our blueprint for building our fraternity over the next five years. In 2015, more than 7,000 California Masons helped to envision and direct the future of our fraternity's priorities through countless conversations, town hall meetings, and questionnaires. From this year-long introspection, four primary areas of focus emerged:

  • Rewarding member experience
  • Memorable and meaningful degrees
  • Strong lodges and halls
  • Positive impact on society

Our united focus on these four priorities starts with our members and lodges, and is supported and championed by our Grand Lodge. The tactics outlined here will lay the foundation for a stronger and more vibrant fraternity that will thrive for years to come.


Getting Started

These documents will help your lodge create a plan and activities around the 2020 Fraternity Plan:

Lodge Strategic Plan - Worksheet

Strategic Lodge Conversations

Tactical Lodge Conversations

Share the Fraternity Plan with your lodge. Download the brochure here.


Rewarding Member Experience

Lodges create a deep sense of fraternity and provide a highly rewarding member experience. We do this work by:

  • Articulating unique customs and traditions so that members understand our lodge culture
  • Communicating frequently with members of our lodge and community members
  • Admitting prospects who have become friends first, and who are ready to engage in our lodge's customs and traditions
  • Quickly engaging new members by immersing them in lodge culture, community, and activities

Grand Lodge will support lodges by providing:

  • Improved prospecting resources
  • New, easy-to-use communications tools, such as the lodge app, lodge website templates, and Trestleboard templates
  • Deeper training on building a strong lodge culture at annual leadership retreats
  • Resources and dedicated staff for supporting new lodge development. If you are interested in building a new lodge, please call Member Services at (415) 292-9180.


Memorable and Meaningful Degrees

Ritual experience is our most cherished custom. Its teachings transform members' lives. We make meaningful ritual experiences by:

  • Ensuring every candidate has an actively engaged coach
  • Providing quality ritual through careful practice
  • Making each degree a unique experience
  • Celebrating members as they progress through degrees

Grand Lodge will support lodges by providing:


Positive Impact on Society

Masonic values guide us to make a meaningful impact on society. We make a difference by:

  • Participating in lodge outreach projects through Masonic Outreach Services
  • Gaining an understanding of what our communities need and offering help
  • Increasing support of our primary charities - Masonic relief and public education
  • Living the tenets of Freemasonry

Grand Lodge will support lodges by providing:

  • Increased opportunities to participate in statewide efforts, such as the Lodge Outreach Program and Public Schools Advisory Councils
  • Providing easy and meaningful ways to contribute to our primary charitable obligations: our Masonic Homes and public education. Learn more about them here. Or, give now!
  • Increased and wide-ranging recognition of the fraternity's collective good work


Strong Lodges and Halls

Strong lodges and halls support the good work of our members by:

  • Ensuring financial sustainability
  • Continually developing strong lodge leaders
  • Keeping accurate financial records, managing investments strategically, and maintaining tax-exempt status
  • Using real estate assets strategically
  • Keeping accurate membership data and setting appropriate dues

Grand Lodge will support lodges and halls by providing many lodge services. All of these services are outlined in more detail on the Lodge Services page:

  • Record keeping and reporting tools; tax preparation and other tax-related services
  • Investment, risk management, and insurance services
  • Communications tools, including the lodge app lodge website templates, and Trestleboard templates
  • Document storage and archiving systems
  • Real estate consultation and support
  • Ongoing leadership and administrative training
  • Support and development of new lodges. If you are interested in building a new lodge, please call Member Services at (415) 292-9180.



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