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Membership development is critical to the future of your lodge and the Masons of California. To maintain a sufficient membership level, each lodge must add a minimum of five Master Masons per year.

New members strengthen the lodge by:

  • Providing a range of personal resources and knowledge
  • Providing a succession of leaders for officer and committee roles
  • Providing the financial means to continue lodge operations and add new programs
  • Replacing members the lodge loses each year

How to attract and keep members:

Membership development has two components – (1) attracting new members and (2) retaining them and motivating them to get involved.

The best way to attract and retain members is to offer a comprehensive and diverse program of activities that have broad member appeal. The program selection should include:

  • Personal growth and leadership
  • Socialization with family members
  • Community service
  • Support of public education
  • Other programs that clearly and publicly demonstrate Masonic values and dedication to the community

Understanding and meeting member needs will help retain members, encourage their involvement, and motivate them to refer potential new members. Successful lodges frequently invite the public to "On The Level," a Masonic information program, and use the "Pass It On" member development program.

Tools to attract and keep members

"On The Level" information program

Staging an “On The Level” Masonic information program benefits lodges in several important ways:

  • Raises awareness in the community
  • Attracts potential new members
  • Promotes member involvement

It also provides the opportunity to do two important things:

  • Correct misconceptions about Masonry
  • Dispel the myth of secrecy by inviting non-Masons to the lodge

Masonic information programs work. When planned and executed well, they can become the lifeblood of the lodge because being “on the level” with guests builds membership.

For more information on how to plan a Masonic Information Night, download On the Level: Guide to a successful Masonic information program.pdf. Download On the Level (PPT - 41MB) and Script (PDF).

"Pass It On" member developement program

Based on recent research and the collective experiences of many California Masons, this program is a step-by-step process for attracting and retaining lodge members. How to use it:

  • Assign at least three members to a membership development committee.
  • Ensure all committee members thoroughly review the program guide and tools in the program kit.
  • Assign responsibility for various phases of the program to committee members.
  • Implement each phase of the program as recommended.

For more information, download the Pass It On Guide (PDF - 2MB) . Complete Pass It On kits and Pass It On materials can be purchased from L.A. Fraternal. Please click here to download an order form.

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