Together we make a profound difference

The California Masonic Foundation is committed to strengthening our fraternity’s current leaders and cultivating new ones.

Leadership Training
We strive to educate and engage our members, helping them achieve personal growth and excel both inside and outside the fraternity. Today there are more than 4,000 Masonic leadership positions throughout the state.

On-going education and training, funded by the Foundation, is an integral part of leadership development. Several ongoing training programs for members are offered in a variety of formats each year.

For more information regarding Masonic leadership training opportunities, visit Leadership Development.

Masonic Youth Leaders
California’s Masonic youth orders provide a positive outlet for young men and women age 10 to 21 to get involved in their communities while developing leadership and teamwork skills. The California Masonic Foundation awards annual leadership grants to each youth order - DeMolay International, the International Order of Rainbow for Girls, and Job’s Daughters International - in support of leadership training.

These youth orders also rely on support and mentoring from Masonic lodges and adult leaders. Learn more about adult leader opportunities at

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