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Tangible Personal Property

Tangible Personal Property, such as art, jewelry, coin collections, and household furnishings can be gifted. However, there are specific guidelines from the IRS relating to the tax deductibilityle amount of the gift that may be claimed. A key issue should be considered before contributing a gift of this type: Does its use or function relate to the tax-exempt purpose of the charity to which it is donated, our charitable mission and will we keep the items for use rather than sell them? If not, the allowable deduction is the original cost and no the current appraised value.

The IRS has very specific guidelines for appraising and reporting gifts of tangible personal property, which must be followed to support a charitable income tax deduction.

Requirements also exist regarding the size and value of the gift and time frames for report filing. Gifts that fall into this category may require approval by the MHC or CMF Board of Directors.

If you’re considering making a gift of Tangible Personal Property, please contact us for more information and guidelines.


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