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Legacy giving methods

In order to optimize your personal assets and ensure that your gift supports the causes most important to you, we offer many different options for Legacy Giving.

Here, you will find detailed information to help you determine the best options or possible solutions to a complex financial situation. We recommend that you consult your financial advisor for assistance when making a legacy gift.

If you have questions about Legacy Giving or the information on this site, please contact us.

Types of gifts

  • Bequests in wills and trusts
    Goal: Make a posthumous gift.
    Benefit: Donations are fully exempt from federal estate tax and you retain control of your assets.
    Sample bequest language

  • Charitable gift annuities
    Goal: Receive guaranteed fixed income that is partially tax-free.
    Benefit: Current and future savings on income taxes plus fixed, stable payments.

  • Deferred charitable gift annuities
    Goal: Receive a larger, guaranteed fixed income that is partially tax-free but does not begin immediately.
    Benefit: Current and future savings on income taxes plus larger, fixed, and stable payments timed to your needs.

  • Charitable remainder trusts
    Goal: Secure payments for life while reducing market risks.
    Benefit: Potential increased income and tax benefits.

  • Retained life estate
    Goal: Donate your residence, vacation home, or farm subject to a life estate.
    Benefit: Tax advantages plus use of the property for your lifetime or a term of years while continuing to be responsible for all property taxes and upkeep.

  • Charitable lead trusts
    Goal: Pass assets to heirs at potential tax savings.
    Benefit: A charitable tax deduction and favorable estate tax circumstances.

  • Charitable bargain sales
    Goal: Reduce capital gains on appreciated property.
    Benefit: Cash to pay off your mortgage or other loans and a charitable tax deduction for the gift portion.

Assets to consider

  • Retirement assets
    Goal: Avoid the twofold taxation on IRA or other employee benefit plans.
    Benefit: Allows you to leave your family other assets that carry less tax liability.

  • Appreciated stock
    Goal: Avoid capital gains tax on securities sale.
    Benefit: No capital gains tax and charitable deduction based on fair market value.

  • Real estate
    Goal: Avoid capital gains tax on the sale of a home or other real estate.
    Benefit: A charitable tax deduction with the possibility of reducing or eliminating capital gains tax.

  • Life insurance
    Goal: Make a large gift with little cost to you.
    Benefit: Potential current and future income tax deductions.

  • Tangible personal property
    Goal: Make a gift of tangible property, such as coins, stamps, antiques, or art.
    Benefit: A charitable tax deduction and the possibility of income for life if established through a trust.






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