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A Brother Counted on Us

Duane, a devoted California Mason, was born with a mild case of cerebral palsy. He never let that keep him from being active in the fraternity: He served as an officer in Van Nuys Lodge No. 450 and Reseda Lodge No. 666, and long before that, he was a DeMolay.

“The fraternity brought me camaraderie,” Duane says. “They accepted me for who I was. They didn’t judge me for being disabled.” And from the beginning, he says, “I always knew they would protect me.”

He experienced this devotion first-hand, when he needed it most. After falling and shattering his shoulder, Duane had to move in with his sister, Barbara, who is a nurse. With her help, he continued working to regain his financial and physical independence. But just when he was getting close, he and Barbara experienced a devastating financial blow. Suddenly, they couldn’t afford basic necessities or rent. They worried they would soon be homeless.

It was at that point that Duane remembered a brother who Masonic Outreach Services had once helped. He found the number in an issue of California Freemason and called. He wasn’t sure what to expect, but he knew he could no longer manage alone. “I was really struggling,” he says.

Thanks to California Masons, MOS came to the rescue. They provided him with basic financial support so that he could afford vital expenses like groceries, utilities, and rent. And, they connected him with devoted care managers who can help ensure he will get back on his feet and never be at risk again.

“We were raised that when family needs help, family comes calling,” says Barbara. “The fraternity came when he needed them most.”

Every day, brothers like Duane rely on Masonic Assistance as a lifeline. They turn to the fraternity in times of crisis. Any of us might someday do the same. Please show brothers like Duane that they can count on us by giving to the Annual Fund today.

Your gift says, “I promised to protect you. You can count on me.”

Thank you for giving back.

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