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Plan for Make a Difference Month

Grand Master Heisner has proclaimed October 2017 to be Make a Difference Month (read the Proclamation). Here's how to prepare for an impactful Make a Difference Month event.

Reach out to Masonic youth
  • Ask for lodge volunteers to lead event planning
  • Schedule a meeting between lodge volunteers and youth leaders
  • Ask the youth leaders to set the meeting agenda, and share it in advance so your lodge volunteers can prepare
  • Encourage the youth leaders to take charge of the meeting

At the planning meeting
  • Bring your own suggestions, but be prepared to embrace the ideas of the youth orders
  • Establish your event budget
  • Assign program responsibilities: fliers/posters, invitations, supplies, and refreshments
  • Determine if you will publicize the event in local media, and who will be responsible
  • Set assignments, deadlines, and a follow-up meeting or means for checking in
  • Invite the youth orders to prepare articles for the October Trestleboard, explaining the event and encouraging attendance

Program suggestions
  • If possible, focus on supporting public schools: Ask local schools to identify a meaningful project such as tutoring, renovating a playground, or planting a garden
  • Host a 5K walk/run to benefit a local cause
  • Plan a neighborhood cleanup or preservation project
  • Arrange a group volunteer day at a retirement home or hospital
  • Organize volunteers for a meal-delivery service for elderly and ill residents
  • Approach the local Boys & Girls Club, animal shelter, homeless shelter, or soup kitchen and ask how you can help

Rally the lodge
  • Publicize your Make a Difference Month event in the October Trestleboard
  • Mark the lodge calendar for your event and ask members to mark theirs
  • Announce your Make a Difference Month event soon via email and social media, and plan a schedule of reminders
  • Include your Make a Difference Month event in your lodge calendar and on your app
  • A few weeks and then a few days before the event, tap a few brothers to send out attendance encouragement via text, email, phone, and social media

To share your lodge’s Make a Difference Month plans with the fraternity, send a short summary to

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