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2017 Fraternal Awards

Each day, Masons throughout California are making great strides towards advancing Freemasonry in our state – from engaging their members with cutting-edge communications to perfecting the ritual and dedicating themselves to outreach.

During the 300th Anniversary Gala and Banquet, held during Annual Communication on October 14, we’ll recognize those individuals and lodges who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment and success in these areas and more throughout the fraternal year. Please join us in congratulating these brothers for their admirable efforts.

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2017 Joe Jackson Award: Palm Springs Lodge No. 693
The Joe Jackson Award recognizes a lodge that demonstrates excellence in outreach to their members and widows. It is awarded annually in recognition of Bro. Joe Jackson, a 60-year Mason and Hiram Award recipient who is celebrated for his exemplification of Masonic relief and brotherly love.

2017 Lodge Communications Awards 
The Lodge Communications Awards recognize lodges that are doing an extraordinary job of connecting with their members and the general public through various traditional and innovative communication tools. Winners are as follows:

    • Best Website: Simi Valley Lodge No. 806
    • Best Social Media: Petaluma-Hamilton Lodge No. 180
    • Best Trestleboard:
    o Large Lodge (100+ members): Washington Lodge No. 20
    o Medium Lodge (46-99 members): Southern CA Research Lodge
    o Small Lodge (fewer than 45 members): Mt. Jackson No. 295
    • Best Media Campaign: Napa Valley Lodge No. 93

2017 Ritual Competition Awards
The 2017 Ritual Competition Awards recognize individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary performance of the Masonic ritual. This year’s individual competition focused on the delivery of charges for all three degrees.

    •Individual Winners
    o Jonathan Chan, Crocker Lodge No. 212
    o G. Sean Metroka, Nevada Lodge No. 13
    o Daren Miller, Oakland Durant Rockridge Lodge No. 188
    o Tommy Farr, Hornitos Lodge No. 98
    o Thomas Darnell, Caledonia Lodge No. 486
    o Jason Palazzolo, Downey Lodge No. 220
    o Kelly Gilliam, Reseda Lodge No. 666
    o Robert Carrico, Temecula Catalina Island Lodge No. 524
    o Brandon E. Cuenca, Penrhyn Gold Hill Lodge No. 32

Special Recognition: 100% Officer Giving to the Annual Fund
At each of the following lodges, every single lodge officer has led by example, demonstrating their commitment to Masonic relief by making a personal gift to the Annual Fund.

• Acacia No. 243
• Academia No. 847
• Alameda No. 167
• Amity No. 442
• Aquila U.D.
• Calaveras No. 78
• Carmel No. 680
• Clarence F. Smith Daylight U.D.
• Columbia-Brotherhood No. 370
• Conejo Valley No. 807
• Destiny No. 856
• Golden Gate Speranza No. 30
• Ionic Composite No. 520
• John D. Spreckels No. 657
• Live Oak No. 61
• Lux No. 846
• Mount Jackson No. 295
• Naval No. 87
• Novus Veteris U.D.
• Oceanside-San Dieguito No. 381
• Pasadena No. 272
• S.W. Hackett No. 574
• San Diego No. 35
• San Francisco No. 120
• San Leandro No. 113
• Templum Rosae U.D.
• Welcome No. 255
• Yorba Linda No. 469

NOTE: There’s still time for your lodge to be recognized. Make a gift today!

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