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Get Ready for U.S. Constitution Observance Month

Grand Master Heisner has declared September 2017 to be U.S. Constitution Observance Month. It’s a great time to reflect upon the democratic achievements of our forefathers, and to work with youth orders to spread the values of civility to the next generation.

Here are some ideas for planning a program at your lodge:

    1. Hold a special Masonic education night. Delegate one brother to read the Constitution aloud. After each section, pause to discuss as a group where there are parallels between the language in the Constitution and Masonic values.

    2. Ask candidates to prepare essays, comparing the Constitution to what they’ve learned so far. Have candidates read their essays aloud at lodge, and facilitate a question and answer session with all members following.

    3. Plan a program with Masonic youth orders to recognize the enduring importance of the Constitution. Ask youth to consider how Constitutional freedoms are still valuable today. Hold an essay contest, or just facilitate a conversation with youth and the lodge, giving everyone a chance to voice their opinions and reflect.

    4. Create a long-term Constitution-focused lodge program. Ask brothers to consider how the values outlined in the constitution – compassion, kindness, temperance, tolerance, and respect – could be shared with your community. Plan forward-looking programs to bring these values to public schools, libraries, or other local organizations.

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