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August Is Come to Lodge Month!

Grand Master Heisner has proclaimed August 2017 as Come to Lodge Month, calling upon brothers statewide to celebrate the joy of fellowship and fraternity with their lodges. Read the proclamation.

Here are some tips for celebrating Come to Lodge Month with your brothers.

    1. Plan a special program with your lodge to recognize the importance of fellowship in your Masonic community.
    Ask members to plan to share meaningful memories about their brothers during the program. Present awards for longtime Masonic partnerships. Ask new members to talk about experiences that have inspired feelings of brotherhood for them.

    2. Document and share stories about fellowship.
    Ask members to contribute meaningful stories about what fellowship has meant to them. Share them in your Trestleboard or post them in the lodge app or a special section of your website.

    3. Celebrate with Masonic family.
    Reach out to Masonic youth and members of concordant and appendant bodies to emphasize the importance of the fraternal family in your community. Plan a fun, family-oriented celebration to recognize fellowship at the lodge with all members of the Masonic community.

    4. Reconnect with less active members.
    Has a brother in your lodge stopped attending recently because of work conflicts, family obligations, illness, or transportation difficulties? Reach out to him to tell him that he is missed and encourage him to join you at lodge.

    5. Provide support for common obstacles.
    Do members need rides to lodge, child care, help with household obligations? If brothers have a reason they canít attend lodge, try to provide resources within the lodge to lighten their burdens.

Remember: Come to Lodge Month is an excellent opportunity to reflect upon the importance of relationships with brothers and Masonic families Ė and the good Masons can achieve when we work together. By supporting each other and celebrating our Masonic relationships together, our Masonic bonds become stronger.

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