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Annual Training for Lodge Leaders

Whether it's your first or 15th officer term, stepping into your role at installation is an exciting time. Your brothers have demonstrated confidence in your abilities and knowledge, so it's a great opportunity to renew your commitment to becoming the most impactful and inspiring leader possible.

Annual Secretary and Treasurer Retreats and Master and Wardens Retreats are designed to help you reach this goal. Through tools, advice, and knowledge directly applicable to your officer duties, they inform and empower you to be efficient and successful.

Each year's retreats provide crucial new information, such as changes in the CMC, updated legal requirements, and other topics that can affect your lodge. Learn the latest techniques and technology tools that can make your responsibilities easier. And, build lasting relationships with fellow lodge officers, whom you can call upon for advice and friendship during your time in your role.

New for 2017: Lodge website templates, real estate services, and more!



Master & Wardens Retreats

"Attending the retreat was a very rewarding experience for my fellow officers and me. It gave us a tool to manage our lodge now and in the future. I feel more empowered to lead my lodge." - 2016 Master and Wardens Retreat Participant


Monterey: March 24-26 | Lake Tahoe: May 5-7 (Sold Out)
Irvine: April 28-30 | Palm Springs: May 19-21


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How will you make a difference for lodge during your year of leadership? How will you inspire your brothers? How will you generate a sense of personal accomplishment and pride?

Annual Master and Wardens Retreats give you the information, personal connections, and real-life skills you need to be a better leader - in and outside your lodge. Grow your network. Trade success stories. Resolve common lodge challenges through a united approach. And, build lasting relationships with fellow lodge officers and Grand Lodge leaders. For the most benefit, master and wardens from each lodge are encouraged to attend together to create a team-based strategy for this year and beyond.


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Bring your loved one: in addition to a chance to build lasting friendships with fraternal family members, partners and spouses can gain a deeper understanding of Masonic values, learn how to be more involved during your year, and discover the many resources that are available to your family through Masonic Assistance during special Saturday sessions.

Destinations await: This year's retreats once again provide a beautiful backdrop for fellowship! Explore the world-famous aquarium or new Salvador Dali museum in Monterey; be intrigued by modern exhibitions at the Beall Center for Art + Technology in Irvine; enjoy the many outdoor activities and shopping opportunities that abound in Lake Tahoe; and tour Palm Springs' famous mid-century architecture, the playground of Hollywood celebrities of yore.

Lodge scholarships are available: If your lodge doesn't have a training budget, consider applying for a lodge scholarship. To get started, complete the lodge scholarship application.

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Inspector Retreats

Retreats for inspectors provide vital annual updates and valuable leadership training. Check back in spring 2017 for upcoming dates.


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